What materials are used to create BLACK BAR CREATIVE STUDIO's jewelry line? 

The materials used are, powder coated, enamel painted, and gold or silver plated, brass, with hypoallergenic black niobium ear wires. We also use both semi-precious stone, and acrylic elements.  


What is Niobium?  

Niobium is a rare, lustrous grey, non-toxic metal. It is commonly used in jewelry making as it is hypoallergenic. Niobium is safe to wear by anyone who suffers from metal allergies, as it is a pure metal, and does not contain any nickel and or copper alloys. 


How is black Niobium created? 

When niobium is put in an electronically charged bath, it can produce a rainbow of various colors. To create our black 'color' ear wires, we use heat. A torch is applied to the niobium, and it is then quenched in water. This process produces a black oxide on the niobium surface, which is chemically stable and will not change over time.  


What is powder coated metal? 

Powder coated metal is a technique that creates a hard paint finish that is more durable than conventional paint. The dry powder paint is applied electrostatically, and is then heated to solidify and cure the powder.  


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